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          How To Lengthen The Life Span Of Your Mattress?

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          How to lengthen the life span of your mattress?

          ---Mattress Maintenance Guide


          (1) Flipping and/or Rotating

          For the spring mattresses or foam mattresses , Senbao mattress factory can custom made them either one side use or two side use upon request. For the one side use mattress, there is no applicable recommendation regarding how to flip mattresses, but since partners are often of different weights and the upper body generally weighs more than the lower body, no-flip mattresses should still be rotated head-to-toe in order to delay the onset of body impressions.

          If you have a two-sided mattress , one way to increase its longevity is to flip and rotate it regularly. This is especially important in its first few years. Follow the manufacturers recommendation for how often to flip your two-sided mattress, but a good rule of thumb is to flip and rotate every 3 months during the first year and every 6 months thereafter. Some mattresses will be with handles on the side boarders, but please be noted that the side handles are just for decoration purpose, theyre actually not made to support the flipping of a heavy mattress. Get a good grip on the sides of the mattress to turn it over, rather than attempting to drag it by the handles.

          (2) Keeping it Clean

          A. You can use a water-proof or moisture-proof protector to protect your mattress against getting stained or beg bugs or dust mites.


          B. Take your mattress to outdoor place to air it out once in a while if your bedroom is of high humidity, make sure that you do not put the mattress under directly sunlight, otherwise , it will expedite the oxidation of the materials and shorten the life span of the mattress.

          If you want to get more information about mattress maintenance, welcome to contact with us via email or telephone!

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