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          Welcome to our website

          Pocket Spring Mattress

          pocket spring mattress

          • Product ID:Pocket Spring Mattress
          • Phone/WhatsApp: +8618653317779
          • Email: info@senbaofurniture.com
          • Web: www.kupperlaser.com
          • Time: 2022-04-18 14:08
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          The quality of mattress

          Before the order confirmation, we will check the color of the samples strictly.
          At the same time, we have a professional inspection team, we will test each mattress by many strict test, only qualified products can be arranged for the delivery.
          Before the mattress is delivered, the customer can send a QC or point to the third party to check the quality. When problems occur, we will try our best to help our customers.


          Internal material specification


          Steel wire 1.4-2.3mm / 6 ring tensile Strength: 1800-1900Mpa, 100000 durability test
          High density foam is more than 27kg / M3. In general, 27kg / M3 foam is considered to be a comfortable support for human body and compressing rolled up packaging.
          The lightweight foam do not have enough support strength which will return to its original shape in a few months, or cannot normally stretch.

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          Add:237 Zhoulong Road,Zhoucun,Zibo,Shandong,China